Technical Papers

Following are some of the technical papers OPS Programs has published to the public:

How Core Losses Affect Operating Costs for Transformers Delivering Non-Sinusoidal Loads

Presented at the EIC/EMCW Exposition

  How Core Losses Affect Operating Costs (18.5 KiB, 5,079 hits)

Payback Times for Premiums Paid for High-Efficiency Dry-Type Transformers

Presented at the EMCW Conference

  Payback Times for Premiums (24.2 KiB, 3,523 hits)

Loss Evaluation – Will Non-Utility Transformers Be Next?

presented at the EEIC/EMCW Conference

  Loss Evaluation (18.5 KiB, 3,708 hits)

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Efficiency Values for the European Market

CLASP Transformers Design Report