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New OPS Software Version 12

Program Enhancements Feature:

Design Calculation Enhancements
New Core Materials
User Protection Statements
Design Data Print-Out Additions

Transformer Enhancements


  • Multi Conductor Grouping-different height and width options on multi-wire (up to 6)
  • Group Comb
  • Stored Strip Widths For Cruciform
  • Cruciform Miter Round to Oval
  • Variable Full Duct Size Within Same Layer
  • Variable External Duct Size
  • Recommended Electrical Clearance (BIL)
  • Bulge Factor For Ducts
  • Fanned Out Degrees Enhanced: 4, 7, 10, Other
  • 3 Phase 4 Legged
  • New Tap Options
  • Same as Secondary 1 Up To 6 Secondaries for Data Input
  • Winding Thermally Merged


  • Stored Core Material description for JFE grades
  • Stacking Factor Tables
  • Stacking Factor Curve
  • Expanded Output Glossary
  • 3 Phase 5 Legged Unicore
  • Default Core Loss Destruction Factor Table
  • Canada Efficiency
  • Toroid Design; Conductor Selection through Database
  • Description for Data Entries Updated for both Metric and English Options
  • Descriptions for all Core Material
  • Stored Core Materials – Metric Table
  • Destruction Factor/Thickness/Stacking Factor Option Added to More Core Materials
  • M6 Glass Film Option


  • Warning for coil overbuild
  • Unit of measurement (english/metric)
  • Nameplate voltage
  • Multiwire printout notes
  • Nominal Resistance at 20 C – High Tap
  • Metric unit multi-wire option – wire weight for each individual wire /li>

For more details on additions and software, please contact OPS to set up a demonstration using your design specifics. email [email protected] or call 440-238-0700

Inductor Enhancements


  • Ferrite Core
  • Powder Iron Core Options for Toroid: Kool Mu, Sendust, High Flux, MPP, XFlux, AMO Flux
  • Stacking Factor Tables
  • New Core Material
  • Additional Thickness And Destruction Factors


  • Litz Wire Data File Extended (up to 2.8 mhz)
  • M6 Glass Film
  • Additional Lamination Options
  • Additions to Print Out
  • High Reactance Version Enhancements

  • Multi-Frequency Enhancements
  • Shield Options
  • Program Updates – Bulge Factor, Insulation, Wire Film/Wrap, Standard Thermal Parameters
  • New OPS Software Version 11.5

    Program Enhancements Feature:

    Calculation Enhancements
    New Core Materials
    User Protection Statements
    Friendly Page Navigation
    Design Data Print-Out Additions

    Transformer Enhancements

    New Options                                                                                                                                                    

    • 5% Conductivity Copper
    • Shield Type and Placement
    • Internal Winding Core Loss Effect
    • Tank Watts
    • Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC)
    • Multi-Conductor Linear Space Factor (MCLSF)
    • END+FULL-Internal Ducts (Design Example)
    • Radial Build (Extended Analysis)
    • Oil Viscosity Option
    • Wedge and Space for Oval and Oval End
    • Cruciform Winding I.D.
    • Cruciform Winding Form Dimensions
    • Foil Busbar-Type and Dimension

    User Friendly Enhancements

    • Protection Statements
    • Output Displays
    • Calculation Enhancements                  

    High Frequency – New Program

    • Description
    • Features
    • Designing with Litz Wire

    Inductor Enhancements

    New Options

    • Different Gap Thickness ENDS-UNDER
    • Multiple-Conductor Sizes
    • Oil Viscosity
    • Litz Wire
    • Core Material (Data Files)
    • Turn/Layer
    • Ducts in Core
    • Kool Mu Core
    • Pancake Coil Form- Aircore Inductor
    • Common Mode

    User Friendly Enhancements

    • “Trap Inductors YES is recommended”
    • Master file excel template is merged under specification option
    • Calculation Enhancements                

    Hireactance Enhancements

    • Multi-Frequency
    • Shield Options
    • Calculation Enhancements

    For more details on additions and software, please contact OPS to set up a demonstration using your design specifics.   440-238-0700

    Thank you for Attending the OPS Seminar

    Optimized Program Service, LLC. recently held its Annual Optimized Program Service Instructional Workshop on September 17th-18th. Transformer design and manufacturing engineers, specialists, suppliers, and colleagues from around the globe gathered here in Cleveland, Ohio. The seminar was a great success as we featured the new version of our software. The two-day instructional workshop featured discussions on new additions to the software, tools to get specific results using the software, 2016 DOE efficiency standards and much more.

    OPS Seminar 2015 seminar201514 seminar201516 seminar201518

    Transformer Design Program Version 11.0

    We are proud to announce the release of our latest version of the Transformer Design Program, version 11.0. The Optimized Program Service, LLC. team has been working very hard to make this new release a great one. Many new updates and enhancements have been made to make TRANS 11.0 a designing machine. Please feel free to contact us via email to discuss the new exciting features TRANS 11.0 has to offer.

    For more information, please download the attached PDF document.

    Department of Energy Transformer Standardization

    DOE (Department of Energy) designates Optimized Program Service, LLC to facilitate with engineering analysis methodology used in energy conservation standards for distribution transformers (click here for more info)

    Department of Energy has published final rule for distribution transformer standards: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/appliance_standards/product.aspx/productid/66

    OPS Inductor Design Program – Version 10.5

    We are excited to announce the release of our latest version of the Inductor Design Program, version 10.5. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our users for their feedback, which assisted us in the developing process.

    Enhancements to the program include:

    • Expansion of “Multiple Frequency” option, allowing for selection of up to fifty harmonics.
    • Addition of illustrations for gap location on different design types.
    • Addition of “Help” button, providing definitions of locations and number of gaps.
    • Addition of “Help” button for Toroidal designs, providing clarification and definitions.
    • Embedding of M3 core steel properties for “C-Core” design types.
    • Integration of drop-down, core-list box for single-phase, lamination designs.
    • Addition of “Overload Condition”, “Loss Summary” and “Proximity effect” options in “Extended Analysis”.
    • Creation of “Core Layout” (Outline drawing) and “Overload Condition Curve “selections, merging design data to an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Revision of “Material Cost” option, calculates material cost of core, conductor, insulation, tank and oil cost.
    • Entry of Amorphous core SA1 destruction factor.

    For more details, please download the attached PDF document.

    New Insulation Option – Alconex Gold-240

    Alconex Gold – 240, an electrical insulation system, is now available as an option within the OPS Design Software.  After conducting a study of its properties, the specifications have been embedded into our Transformer Design Program and are available for our users. For more information on this new option, please contact us.

    Trans Version 9.5 Release

    Over the years many of our customers have offered suggestions for enhancing and improving our software. OPS would like to thank our users for this valuable information and for their generous and continues offing of test information which we use to improve the accuracy.

    On behalf of OPS Programs,
    Nahid Pempin

    Trans: Version 9.5 will be released

    1. D.O.E. Standard table is added to Extended Analysis.
    2. Unicore option is added to core type selection.
    3. “Out of Memory” issue has been resolved. Design out put print is directed to notepad automatically.

    Our New Website

    We are happy to announce we have released the new version of our website.