ferrite core material

If we ask you to add a series of ferrites to the data in your software, do the ferrite vendors end up at all of the other user’s databases?

The core loss data is not stored in external files. It is part of the calculation, and therefore will be available to all users. However, if you have a special core material, you can enter the data as mw/cm^3 or kw/m^3. We recently added the following core losses to the programs: 3C91, 3C94, 3C96, 3C97, 3F36, and 3F46.

If we have a custom core, shape and size does everyone end up seeing it or can it be only on the “BH Version”?

It does not have to be for everyone. We can set up a specific core data file just for you.

Is it possible to enter data from and actual build and see the results?


Would it get handled as a “new” design adjusting the input until the results of the actual design are reached?