Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the programs will work for my kind of designs?

Our programs have been subjected to field testing by our users for 40 years. Many types of designs, from small “fingertip” sizes to transformers weighing several tons, have been developed using our programs and are in service today. The programs will handle just about any application except for audio and impedance-matching designs. A quick review of our program descriptions will give you a good indication of the wide variety of design types the programs can handle. If you don’t see it there, just send us an Email and ask.

What do I have to do to get started?

Notify us for the pricing of the particular program set you’ll need, sign our standard leasing contract, and we’ll send you a link to download the programs you requested. This usually takes no more than a few days. Install the programs on your system, and start designing.

Does it take long to get proficient at using the programs?

Most users can be proficient in a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the application. Our graphical user interface makes it easy to enter the design requirements and understand how the program works. We provide complete support and assistance via phone or e-mail or internet conference service (Skype, GoTo Meeting, etc.). Free training is also available at our office in Cleveland, Ohio. We also provide educational seminars and workshops to teach transformer, inductor and ferroresonant design theory and application.

Who will help me if I have questions about running a particular design?

We have experience in thousands of designs types. You can call, fax or e-mail us. Someone will be there to help. Our staff can answer most of your questions about the programs right away. If further research is necessary, we will call, fax or e-mail you back.

How is data entered?

Each program uses a set of questions to obtain the data required to run the program. The programs know what information is needed and they follow built-in logic routines to prompt you for the answers. You simply tell the program what you’re trying to design.

What do I get as an output?

The programs provide a design output that includes the calculated mechanical and electrical characteristics of the design data you enter. You can then analyze the design further using an “extended analysis” routine that provides more detailed information about the design.

How is software kept up-to-date?

We are continuously working to enhance and expand the programs by adding new features. Our customers are an integral part of our development process – they tell us what features or capabilities they need. We continuously verify the programs by obtaining actual test data from our users to make sure you get realistic results. We keep you updated via mail or e-mail whenever changes are made.

What kind of computer do I need?

Our programs run on any Windows 98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 system with at least 1GB of RAM, 250mb hard drive, a color monitor and any printer supported by Windows. Since the programs are interactive, they do not work well on networks but can be easily installed on the hard drives of separate workstations in a network environment.

How much training will I need?

The programs use terms common to most transformer designers. Those who have technical experience with transformers, such as testing and manufacturing can easily learn to use the programs. (Many sales personnel use the programs to develop quick quotes for their customers and then let the engineers optimize the designs later.) The more familiar you are with transformers or the design process, the faster you will learn.

How much does it cost?

We have several programs and combination of programs available. Prices start around $3600 for a one-year license depending on the combination you require. Contact us for the price of a customized set of programs to suit your needs.

How can it save me money?

Our programs are capable of processing a tremendous amount of information in a very short period of time to provide designs, quotes and specifications. You can get answers to those “what-if?” questions to help find the most economical blend of materials and manufacturing methods and to research more cost-effective alternatives. Faster designing means faster answers and production, less mistakes and better products.

What if I have my own programs?

Our programs can be used to verify and analyze your designs (as a second opinion) or to provide a “master file” of data in a format that can be imported to your own drawing or inventory programs. Some customers use our programs to develop the “starting point design” for their own in-house programs.

Who uses your programs?

Industries served by our Users are Utilities, Power Distribution, Power Conditioning, Aircraft, Battery Charging, and a full range of O.E.M. companies.