Inductor Design Program

Inductor Design Program (INDUCTOR) is a multi-featured design program for designing a wide range of inductive devices using a variety of gapping arrangements.

INDUCTOR is used to design:

  • Linear chokes
  • Swinging chokes
  • DC inductors
  • AC inductors
  • Multiple frequency filter chokes
  • Trap inductors
  • Link inductor

Our INDUCTOR package also includes our auxiliary programs of X-Analysis (Extended Analysis), Database (Custom Database Program), and MasterFile (Master File Creator) at no additional cost.

Screen Shots

Notable Features

  • Accommodates applications with or without super-imposed D.C.
  • Database contains permeability, incremental permeability, and core losses for a wide range of magnetic materials
  • Provides ideal means of evaluating swinging inductors
  • Modes of operation are: 
    • Core entered by user –  Inductor determines turns, gap, wire size
    • Core and wire entered by user – Inductor determines turns and gap
    • Core, turns and gap entered by user – Inductor determines wire
    • Core, turns, gap, and wire entered by user – Inductor determines inductance
  • Accommodates round wires, rectangular wires, and foil in either copper or aluminum
  • Internal inductance calculations include expressions for gap fringing.
  • Temperature calculations take into account core losses, conductor losses (including eddy current losses) and core gap losses
  • Well organized design printout can be used as winding specification
  • Convenient modification features allow for easy correction of input data and for design changes

Live Product Demo

Per your request and our availability we provide a live product demo using GoToMeeting online tool.

To learn more about our live product demo and setup a schedule please contact us at (440) 238 – 0700.